Friday, July 11, 2008

Masking delights ...

I got outta my little bed,
to earn my daily bread.
I met the mirror on the way,
and he asked me,
What face would you like today -
tHe sweet,fUnny,Merry,nOnsensical giRl,
tHe Utterly Modest,nO-nonsense giRl,
tHe Ultra aMbitious, Optimistic giRl,
tHe soUr,Melancholy,intrOspecting giRl,
tHe shoUting,angry,Madly jealOus giRl,
or tHe qUaking,iMpressionable,nervOus giRl ?

Part of me each one of them are,
Linked by a thread free of cost,
but scarce,oh so inhumanly scarce!
The one which knows man from beast,
the one which is plenty in love but rare in war.
If you have noticed it too, my friend,
then your lovely comment do send. :)


vandana said...
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Anonymous said...
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Phoenix said...

ur comment made it too obvious i had to delete it ...sry:(

vandana said...

bandi bacchi....:(

vandana said...

gandi bacchi...

Shruti said...

when did you turn philosophical. on a different note, the poem should have tried to keep on its serious tone even in the end. all the same, nice one :)

Alok said...

Hey Phoenix,

Thank you for for going through All of my Blog (What with all the whining in it). I'm not sure if my skills at expressing myself would be useful anywhere, but I do it anyway; there's a repressed linguist within me. :D

I don't believe in luck, but I do believe in strength of will. Keep your spirit up, and have a great future ahead!

Anonymous said...

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