Friday, July 11, 2008

Masking delights ...

I got outta my little bed,
to earn my daily bread.
I met the mirror on the way,
and he asked me,
What face would you like today -
tHe sweet,fUnny,Merry,nOnsensical giRl,
tHe Utterly Modest,nO-nonsense giRl,
tHe Ultra aMbitious, Optimistic giRl,
tHe soUr,Melancholy,intrOspecting giRl,
tHe shoUting,angry,Madly jealOus giRl,
or tHe qUaking,iMpressionable,nervOus giRl ?

Part of me each one of them are,
Linked by a thread free of cost,
but scarce,oh so inhumanly scarce!
The one which knows man from beast,
the one which is plenty in love but rare in war.
If you have noticed it too, my friend,
then your lovely comment do send. :)

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve

Its that time of the year again , when you start making new resolutions , whilst guiltily remembering previous year's unkept promises:P....Anyway new year's eve is new year's eve and there is nothing to beat the feeling of freshness it brings with it- like the first page of a new copy, like you have just had a nice bath , like your first ice cream after a nasty cold, like the sight of a rose bud just coming up, like blah blah blah...
So well it has been an eventful year to say the least, for me and for the whole world in fact. The usual changes were earth getting even warmer and some more species lost forever to man. While US, predictably, had another steep increase in its military expenditure , for India it was , well obviously, in its population.
To be contd...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Here I am ...

Was brought into the world, without my wish

Will go from the world, against my wish

What I do in between, is my wish.

Will do, shall do, definitely do

All that I wish

Try to make sense of this world with all

The faculties I have been endowed with.

Will work hard with all my heart

Try and get as far as I can

And then in one jump of death

I will get through

Only to be back again at the start.

So does it really matter how far I got?

No.What matters is -

How you got that far?

Life is tough

But do not forget

Its always less tougher than you thought.

Be brave, fight it out.

No matter what you do,

You are going to be back to square one

You might as well do it with a smiling heart.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

You are where your heart is.....

I thought I had chosen the right path,
when I decided to think and walk.
But turns out there is no "right" path,
there is only one path.
The one that goes through your heart.
Follow it, my friend, honest to God,
And you will find what you are looking for.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Are You BRAVE ?

What makes a man
Join a losing battle
Enter a dark room
Try again,again,again
Conquer his fears
Try out new things
Face his daily problems
Speak out his opinions
Stick up for himself
Give up something he loves
See his loved ones in distress
Acknowledge that he is beaten,
Say he is ,after all, only human?

What's in a name?
It shall always be
The finest of all human emotions.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

No more a Sophomore!

Hey gr8 news everyone - my fourth sem final exams are over and I am no more a sophie...
Dont know whether I am happy or sad about it. Quite happy to see that I have finally gotten through all the exams but sad to be reminded of that inevitable day when I must surely leave this institute and go seek my fortune in the big , bad world out there. Will tell you all about the fourth sem when I feel like it (loads to tell ).
My present status:
  1. I am totally lukkha because I am staying here for 15 days for a certain UROP project (@$%*$##).
  2. It is INFINITELY hot and humid in Mumbai right now.
  3. Surviving by taking a bath 3 times a day.
  4. Mess closed :((
  5. Washing machine not working :((
  6. Worrying about not getting any work done in the project(though at the same time not wishing to do any :P)
  7. INFINITELY hot....
  8. Has not Bush got any thing better to do than to increase forces in Iraq?
  9. Not many servers up as people have left for vacations.
  10. Whole wing is empty, cant find anyone to play even a bit of badminton with me :(
  11. INFINITELY hot...
Ok so u get the gist na ? I am the poor suffering soul right now and I am cursing myself for opting to stay back in hols...

And its time now for Bath N0. cant_remember .So long then!
Oh haan almost forgot ..Here is the ' lest we forget ' pic . This was taken on our last sophomore day!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


I was just looking through my earlier posts and realized that I have been writing a lot abt myself lately.Hmm.. I was getting too ethnocentric as the greeks would have put it..So I decided it was time for a thinker like me to enlighten you mere mortals with some words of wisdom :D

Does God exist? A question that has always bothered me...

My parents aren't particularly religious. Though mum always makes sure that we follow all the proper rituals on festivals. Silly as some of these customs may seem ,but after all you are interacting with the President of the Universe ,and you need some protocol:D
But I never felt the presence of God during these sessions. You know you think about God only when you are very sad or very happy.Both have happened with me and both the times I Felt God.
Once was when I was standing all alone on the terrace one day after rains .Everything looked so clean, smelled so pure, divine...The sky was a lovely purple,leaves all bright and green, children playing football, white little birds flying around...And then I thought how small man really is and yes, also how big... That day I could almost feel God watching .Thats the closest I hav got to him.
Another was when I learnt at 10:00 in the night that we had some exam the next day.Makes me laugh now to think about it:) but come on , I was just 11 then and this news threw me into extreme nbd. I dint tell anybody about it .I tried studying for the exam but culdnt concentrate and then I just closed the book and prayed hard , with all my heart,to God to sumhow tide me over. You can only imagine the relief, the gratitude I felt the next day, when school was cancelled due to excessive rains...
But to say that God exists is infinitely more frightening. Most of us think him to be some kind of super human being and thats it . We are happy with that image.But that may not be true.What does he look like ? Forget abt it ...does even the concept of image have any meaning in front of him ? Is he solid , liquid , gas? Can he see, hear ,smell? Do u see that these human characteristics loose all meaning before Him ? Then what is He??? It is a very bothersome question .Think seriously about it and before long you will find yourself really frustrated .
The modern scientific community has wisely kept its mouth shut over this topic. Some early philosophers have said that the concept of God is hardwired in our brain. But then is it only humans ? What abt cats ,dogs ,cows ? I dont think they hav any comprehension of what God is . Then what abt apes? If they also are not blessed with this ability ,then the theory seems a bit too human centred. Why such a quantum jump in thinking capability from apes to humans? Makes Darwins theory of slow and steady evolution look unconvincing...

Ok so after all that roundabout, merry go rounds ,the point that I wanted to tell you was that I do believe in a supreme someone.One who is above all, all and all...He is undefinable but he makes things happen. He is not physical but he affects the physical world.It is seriously very comforting to believe in God.So may be he is just another defensive mechanism of the brain.But I know one thing for sure and that is that he does listen to you, if you pray hard, real hard, with all you heart.